Rocket City Jr Testing Results

Congratulations to all the skaters who passed their test!!

Moves In the Field
Sara Kate Giles – Junior
Briana McCormick – Novice
McKenzie Edwards – Intermediate
Haeon Lee – Juvenile
Cynthia Davis – Adult Gold
Jessie Murphy – Preliminary
Gabrielle LonesĀ  – Preliminary
Ada Forrester – Pre-Preliminary
Caitlin Kelly – Pre-Preliminary

Briana McCormick – Intermediate
Haeon Lee – Pre-Juv
Belle Buehrle – Pre-Juv
Sarah Vincent – Pre-Juv
Cynthia Davis – Adult Silver
Caitlin Kelly – Pre-PreFS
Paige Elliott – Pre-Pre FS

Abagail Carruth – Willow Waltz
Caitlin Kelly – Rhythm Blues
Caitlin Kelly – Dutch Waltz