Jr Club By Laws

Junior Club Policies and Procedures(pdf)

The Skating Club of Huntsville Junior Club
Policies and Procedures

1. The Skating Club of Huntsville Junior Club (commonly referred to as “Junior Club”) is an
auxiliary organization of the Skating Club of Huntsville (SCHSV) open to any figure skater age
12-18 who is a Skating Club of Huntsville Member or registered Learn to Skate member
enrolled in the Huntsville Skating School and Training Academy (HSSTA).
2. Junior Club is a service organization that assists the SCHSV and HSSTA as needed with
various events and competitions throughout the year. Junior Club also provides social
opportunities for its members in order to foster friendship and camaraderie among youth
figure skaters.
3. The SCHSV Board will appoint an adult member to serve as Junior Club Advisor. The Advisor
will attend meetings as necessary, oversee the Junior Club Treasurer’s financial record
keeping and serve as a liaison between the Junior Club and the SCHSV.
4. Junior Club members will elect a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. All
officers have the responsibility to attend monthly Junior Club meetings uphold high moral
and ethical standards and generally set a good example for other members. Additional
duties/requirements of each office are as follows:
• President – Schedule and preside over all meetings; serve as the primary youth liaison
with Skating Club of Huntsville Board; The individual serving as President must be at
least 16 years old at the start of their term.
• Vice President – Assist the President as needed with projects and activities. At the
request of the President, or in the President’s absence, inability or unwillingness to
perform required duties, the Vice President will carry out any or all duties and
responsibilities of the President. The individual serving as Vice President must be at
least 15 years old at the start of their term.
• Secretary – Properly record and file minutes
5. Elections will be held in July of each year. Learn to Skate members cannot hold officer
positions or vote. Officers will serve one-year terms from August 1 until July 31 of the
following year. The President will notify all members of upcoming elections 30 days prior to
the election date. Junior Club members who wish to run for office must respond to the
President’s election notice no later than one week prior to the election date indicating their
intention to run and identifying which office they are seeking so that the President can
prepare ballots.
6. Meetings will be held monthly at the direction and discretion of the Junior Club President
and the Adult Advisor. Notice of meetings will be sent via email no later than one week
prior to the meeting date. The Junior Club Secretary will record minutes of each meeting
and these will be available to other Junior Club members as well as the SCHSV Board at their
7. Junior Club may choose to undertake various fundraising activities throughout the year to
benefit the Junior Club itself, SCHSV, HSSTA, the Ice Complex facility or another charity of
their choosing. Any fundraising activity must be approved in advance by the Adult Advisor.
The benefactor of any fundraiser must be identified prior to the start of any activity and be
included in any publicity generated materials for said activity.
8. Junior Club member volunteer hours will be administered and monitored by the SCHSV with
assistance from the Junior Club secretary as needed. Junior Club member service hours to
fulfill outside educational or scholarship requirements will be administered by the Junior
Club President, monitored by the Junior Club Secretary and must be approved by the Adult
Advisor prior to issue.
9. When engaging in formal and informal activities, functions, and programs, all Junior Club
members are expected to maintain high moral and ethical standards, respect the rights of
others and behave appropriately at all times. These guidelines also extend to online
activities and social media and are in compliance with the rules and guidelines of USFS and
• Respect for individuals, the facility and the community is required.
• Cooperation and self-control are necessary when participating in programs and
• Dress must be appropriate and in accord with the activity.
• Unacceptable behavior and lack of cooperation will not be tolerated and will be
addressed appropriately. Examples of unacceptable behavior include, but are not
limited to:
– disrespect for adults or peers
– inappropriate behavior, use of vulgar language or gestures
– damaging of property
– Harassment or bullying of any kind is unacceptable. No member may treat
another individual in any manner that will cause physical or emotional pain.

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located Huntsville, Alabama