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2017 National Showcase Results

Congratulations to Belle Buehrle, 2017 Juvenile Interpretive Showcase National Champion!
She also finished 4th overall in Juvenile Light and Dramatic Entertainment, and 3rd overall in Novice Duet!

Juvenile Dramatic Entertainment Gr.B
Final Standings
Place Name
1. Visarutha Wongwan, All Year FSC
2. Lili Burrows, All Year FSC
3. Belle Buehrle, The SC of Huntsville
4. Amanda Vermillion, Ice House Skating Aca…
5. Cheyenne Dyer, ISC of Fresno
6. Mattie Pincu, Texas Gulf Coast FSC
7. Charlotte Lowe, Vaca Valley FSC
8. Samantha Edwards, All Year FSC
9. Katie Piacentini, Capital City FSC
10. Molly Hennelly, St. Paul FSC Continue reading 2017 National Showcase Results