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Test Session 4/15/2017 Results

Congratulations to all those that passed their test!

Elinor Minton – Juvenile MIF
Elyse Trummes – Pre-Juvenile MIF
Katelyn Fu – Pre-Juvenile MIF
Sara-Kate Giles – Novice Freeskate
Sarah Vincent – Juvenile Freeskate
Belle Buehrle – Juvenile Freeskate
Christine Ivey – Pre-Juvenile Freeskate
Rachel Stark – Adult Pre-Bronze Freeskate

December 2016 Test Results

Congratulations to all our skaters for passing their test today! 

Special Congratulations to Sara-Kate for passing her Senior MIF and becoming a USFSA Gold Medalist.  No More Moves!!

Sara-Kate Giles – Senior MIF
Briana McCormick – Junior MIF
McKenzie Edwards – Novice MIF, Intermedia FS
Haeon Lee – Novice MIF, Juvenile FS
Ally Ruch – Intermediate MIF
Victoria Reville – Juvenlie MIF
Phoenix Marcova – Juvenile MIF
Belle Buehrle – Juvenile MIF
Surya Nair – Juvenile MIF, Pre-Juvenile FS
Caitlin Kelly – Swing Dance, Cha Cha
Elinor Minton – Pre-Juvenile MIF, FS
Christine Ivey – Pre-Juvenile MIF
Rachel Stark – Adult Pre-Bronze
Molly McManus – Preliminary MIF
Connie Guo – Preliminary MIF
Sera Laney – Pre-Preliminary MIF, FS
Lexi Sampson – Pre-Preliminary MIF, FS
Mariah Mathis – Preliminary FS

2016 Rocket City Class Test Results

Congratulations to these skaters for passing their tests!

Haeon Lee – Intermediate – MIF
Rebecca Beech – Juvenile – MIF
Alaina Bacon – Pre-Preliminary – MIF
Tessa Roach – Pre-Preliminary – MIF
Phoenix Marcova – Pre-Juvenile – MIF
Ella Minton – Preliminary – FS
Jessie Murph – Preliminary – FS
Molly McManus – Pre-Preliminary – FS
Alaina Bacon – Pre-Preliminary – FS
Connie Guo – Pre-Preliminary – FS
Caitlyn Kelly = Canasta Tango

Rocket City Jr Testing Results

Congratulations to all the skaters who passed their test!!

Moves In the Field
Sara Kate Giles – Junior
Briana McCormick – Novice
McKenzie Edwards – Intermediate
Haeon Lee – Juvenile
Cynthia Davis – Adult Gold
Jessie Murphy – Preliminary
Gabrielle LonesĀ  – Preliminary
Ada Forrester – Pre-Preliminary
Caitlin Kelly – Pre-Preliminary

Briana McCormick – Intermediate
Haeon Lee – Pre-Juv
Belle Buehrle – Pre-Juv
Sarah Vincent – Pre-Juv
Cynthia Davis – Adult Silver
Caitlin Kelly – Pre-PreFS
Paige Elliott – Pre-Pre FS

Abagail Carruth – Willow Waltz
Caitlin Kelly – Rhythm Blues
Caitlin Kelly – Dutch Waltz