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2016 Rocket City Classic Results

Basic 1 – 8 Showcase Final Standings
1. Vivian Bishop, A-Game Skate Academy
2. Andraya Driver, Point Mallard FSC
3. Tully Haynsworth, SC of Huntsville
4. Sabrina Fox, SC of Huntsville

Basic 2 Freeskate Final Standings
1. Izzy Mitchell, Point Mallard FSC

Basic 3 Freeskate Final Standings
1. Naomi Burns, SC of Huntsville
2. Phoebe Jones, SC of Huntsville
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2015 Holiday Show – Ava’s One Wish


Audition Camp, Monday – Wednesday, July 20 – 22, 9:45 – 11am
Audition Workshop (a condensed option for skaters who can’t make it to the Camp) is Monday July 20 5:40 – 6:40 pm

Monday – Tuesday August 3 – 4 from 5:40 – 6:40pm
Sign-up for Auditions is due by 2pm on July 30 along with their application form, available in the skate office.
A schedule of which day skaters are assigned to come for auditions will be posted Friday July 31
Auditions are open to any HSSTA/SCHSV Skater who is working on Bridge, pre-preliminary thru Senior or pre-approved by Artistic Director.

SCHSV Logo Contest

The Skating Club of Huntsville needs a new logo design, and we want your help!

First Prize:  $100.00 gift certificate to be used for any Skating Club of Huntsville event/expense during the 2015-2016 season

All designs should incorporate the words “The Skating Club of Huntsville” and artwork relevant to figure skating and/or Huntsville, Alabama.

Submit your original* color design by August 31, 2015 via CD or hardcopy to the HSSTA office

* Images/artwork must not be copyrighted.  Once submitted, designs become the property of the Skating Club of Huntsville.  Please submit contact information with design.

** Winner will be chosen by the SCHSV Board of Directors.  All decisions will be final.  If chosen, your design could be used for official SCHSV events and merchandise.  The SCHSV reserves the right to choose more than one winner and/or combine design ideas.  If more than one winner is chosen, prize will be split evenly among the winners**